It Is Easter. Let’s Beat Up Women! ‘Cause We Can

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It is almost Easter. And I hate Easter and its traditions.

In the Czech Republic the tradition goes that women have to be spanked on Easter Monday. Throughout the day men [usually in groups] visit their female relatives and friends and spank them with special whips.

Ouch? It gets worse… 

These whips are hand-made from willow rods, the length ranges from 50 centimeters to two meters. There are ribbons at the end. There used to be a tradition that women would add their own ribbons so the whip would say how many women the particular man has already visited but this seems to fizzle out.

And women are chased around [if they decide to make it interesting or to play along], or they just stand motionless and the male visitors would spank her butt. However, it should not hurt. Or at least not throughout the whole procedure.

The visitors receive eggs. Usually colored or otherwise decorated. Boys might get chocolate bunnies.

Of course many men also receive shots of alcohol. And so it happens that a guy who visits his tenth woman on the day is, well, wasted.

I should say I do not observe this tradition. I used to, as a kid. But ever since I could have said no, I don’t. Most of the situations are terribly awkward. The girls know you are coming, they know what they are supposed to do and they pretend to like it…. Waaaay strange….

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7 Responses to “It Is Easter. Let’s Beat Up Women! ‘Cause We Can”

  1. [...] what happens exactly on Easter Monday? The Czech Daily World explains the pomlázka whipping tradition: Throughout the day men (usually in groups) visit their female relatives and friends and spank them [...]

  2. Yeap, I totally agree with you..Easter in the Czech Republic is pretty much a bad time for women. I wrote a post on the exact same topic so checked it out if you get a chance…

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  4. [...] salud y juventud para el resto del año a las azotadas. Petr Bokuvka del blog The Czech Daily World explica como funciona la pomlázka: Durante el día los hombres (normalmente en grupos) visitan a sus parientas y amigas y las azotan [...]

  5. [...] Whilst I’m familiar with the pomlázka tradition in the Czech Republic, and suspect it may hold true in Slovakia too, I confess that I’d not previously heard of it being common in the other two countries. (Can anyone corroborate that?). But, as they say, the more the merrier. Here’s a description from the Czech Daily Word: [...]

  6. […] new traditions, like shopping malls, but mostly they cling fiercely to their own traditions, like whipping girls on Easter. I gently reminded the students that a school party means free drinks and a chance to see their […]

  7. […] In the Czech Republic, it is customary for men to get a special Easter whip that they then use to swat the women they fancy […]

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