Wedding Daze

In Czechs on July 7, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

A wedding mania in the Czech Republic. Why? 07/07/07. In some cases even 7:07 a.m. sharp. It is romantic, the couples say.


If you have a “civilian wedding” (non-church) in the Czech Republic, the bride and groom are asked “Do you take this man/this woman VOLUNTARILY? And do you know his/her health conditions? Etc. etc. Now, that is not romantic, that is damn burreaucracy.

By the way, if a man were to tell the truth, he would have to say “Hell no, I am so much in love with her that it can’t be voluntary”.


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  1. I added you to the Prague Talk blogroll on Alaskan Abroad. Good to see you back blogging. Take care, Dillon

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