Underage Drivers, Underage Pickpockets…

In In The News on July 8, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Alabama girl charged with DUI after a high-speed chase. Not the best story to read with your Sunday morning Lipton Yellow Label Tea and a chocolate croissant. But then, your second thought is: your legal system at work. It is unlikely that the girl would end up in jail but the sole fact that she can be charge is a good signal.

Sending signals is something that some legal systems can’t do. At least the good ones. Example? Pickpockets in Prague. It has been widely known fact that there are families in Prague who specialize in this kind of crime and they send their underage children to rob and steal. When they get caught, there is almost nothing the law enforcement can do. The next day the kids are in the streets again.  Social/welfare institutions are quite weak, they can mostly “recommend”. Taking the kids away from the parents and putting them into what might me called a correctional facility is a court-ordered procedure that takes time. And again, it is not a jail, the children do run away… 


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