Be safe. Eat fast food.

In Culture on July 9, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Nine a.m. today. Who goes to a fast-food restaurant at nine in the morning? Here in Brno tourists do. I met four young Americans from some Southern state [you could tell by the accents] studying the menu on a display, thinking what to have for breakfast.

Czech McDonald’s does not offer what you might call “a breakfast menu”. But there are at least ten to fifteen places in downtown Brno you can go and have a light breakfast, be it a bowl of cereal and OJ, sandwiches, croissants and coffee, whatever. What I witnessed there was an obvious attempt to make it as easy as possible. McDonald’s staff speak English, you know what a cheeseburger tastes like because you had exactly the same on in Des Moines, Iowa or Provo, Utah.

I am NOT sayig this is wrong, and I am not saying that when you are in a foreign country you should eat what is typical for it and nothing else. After all, that is why they invented fast food. It just shows how food makes eating a habit.

Czech kids have a visit to McDonald’s often as a reward. On June 30, which is the last day of school and kids get their report cards, McDonald’s restaurants are overcrowded with elementary school kids and their parents. Happy Meals everywhere. Good job in math and reading, kid. Here, have more French fries.

Taking them to a zoo would be much better. Along the same lines, I think I should have invited one of the American girls here, for a “Czech” coffee and two cinnamon rolls.


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