Don’t Get Cheated In Prague

In Travel on July 10, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Note: This entry was written in advance and posted automatically while I am on a short vacation… 

It is a small step for the good image of Prague, but a huge leap for foreign tourists. The Czech Supreme Court has ruled that a testimony of a “stooge” who pretends to be a foreign tourist in order to catch a cabdriver cheating can no longer be questioned at courts. 

The Prague Municipality often uses students and other people to hunt down cabdrivers and to revoke their licenses. But sometimes lawyers at court would ask the judge not to allow and not to hear that particular witness, arguing that only the officials themselves can conduct these undercover operations. No, said the Supreme Court. The testimony of just any witness is just as good. The Supreme Court rulings are the only touch of a precedent system in the Czech law. Other than that, no court rulings can be used as arguments, as it is in the United States.

Beware of cab drivers is the most frequent warning foreign tourists get before coming to Prague. There is one that has to be mentioned as well. If you really don’t have to, do not use the services of concession stands at Prague aiport. They are terribly overpriced. A candy bar that costs, say, 12 crowns (about 50 cents) in downtown Prague might cost 30 crowns ($1.20) at the aiport. The bigger the candy (or bag of chips, anything…) the bigger the difference.


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