Lost In Greece, Part II

In Culture, Czechs on July 15, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Whoever invented swimshorts should have attached a warning label on them, saying Not to be used for swimming. Here in Greece, 99 percent of men have them. Even five year-old boys. This has to be one of ten worst fashion contributions ever. Next to, say, white socks in black shoes.

Fine, wear them when playing beach volleyball. But what on Earth makes a reasonable man wear as MUCH as possible in the sea? The fabric is heavy and a man in wet shorts looks funny. Can’t help it.

These swimshorts are FORBIDDEN in most Czech pools because dust, dirt and other things gather in pockets and they tend to clog the drains and filters. For some reason, vice versa, in American pools normal swimsuits are almost forbidden and wearing something else then swimshorts on a beach will automatically put you in the gay category.

Women have it easier, says my girlfriend who is peeking over my shoulder. It’s either one-piece or two-piece. Or string… oh, wait. They don’t have it easier.


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