Rolling Stones And Culture Life In Brno

In Culture, Life on July 23, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Rolling Stones rocked. Their concert in Brno on Sunday night was undoubtedly the most interesting cultural event of this decade. I have to say the singing is not that good anymore. I am not a rock fan, but I do listen to voices. That is why I know that Alan Jackson has a good voice, even though I am not a country-and-western person. Other men with good voices are Gary Barlow, Michael Bolton or the lead singer from Italian band Jovanotti (maybe it is his name, too).

Mick Jagger does not have voice to die for and he showed it on Sunday. But he spoke Czech, which is a gigantic plus. He tried two or three sentences, something like “We are glad we are finally here”. The band had to cancel last year’s concert because of Keith Richards’ injury. What I hope to happen is much more attention that this band will draw to Brno. People who mean something in the music industry tend to follow someone they respect in their footsteps. French pop Lolita Alizee and her French tours used to copy that of Mylene Farmer or Vanessa Paradis. So a RS concert in Brno might bring another two concerts in near future.

Until that happens, of course, people from Brno will have to go for Vienna and its culture life. During my visits every other weekend I see still newer and newer posters on lampposts. Metallica is coming. Take That. Bjork. Barbra Streisand [yuck, but I am naming her just for the effect].

It would be bad and shameful to name the Rolling Stones concert as a concert of the decade for another ten years. Actually, right now a NEW decade should start in which another star comes to Brno. Concert of the last decade should only refer to the past decade, not for a few more years to come.


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