Two Tellers Will Pay 1M. How? They are 50.

In In The News, Law on July 25, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Two former Czech Post tellers were sentenced to pay one million crowns each to their former employer. The court decided yesterday that it is their fault that almost thirty million crowns was stolen from the office they worked in two years ago.

They were counting money in a room on the first floor when two robbers came, climbed up and stole the money. According to Czech Post the window was supposed to be closed at that time, which it wasn’t.

Quite interesting. And shocking. Czech courts are very snippy when it comes to paying damages to persons who “suffered”. Especially the institutions of the state often get away with tiny fines. One-million compensation for detrimets of any kind is a huge exception here. So why is a state-operated institution is awarded a two-million fine? Especially since the two defendants are over fifty years old and their pensions are so, well, average that they are not going to pay this off before they die. Verdicts in such cases should punish, not crush. 

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