All News Servers Cancelled Discussion Forums

In In The News on July 28, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Two people died and several other were injured in the Czech town of Kladno today when an abandoned warehouse collapsed and the steel and iron construction burried the persons inside. According to the police they had been stealing steel and iron to make money. And according to the midday broadcast of Czech Television all of them were young Roma men. Brother of one of the victims was later quoted in the evening news broadcast as saying: What did you expect? Gypsies. What kind of job would they get?

Although none of the Czech leading news servers identified the victims as Roma men, all of them have cancelled discussion forums under the articles. iDNES,, Only iDNES news server decided to explain: it was because of many racist remarks that could not be deleted individually one by one.

It proves that user registration doesn’t always help. Even a registered user can post a racist remark despite the fact that it can be traced by I.P. address to the place/computer it was sent from.

UPDATE: Later tonight it was confirmed that the municipal police caught twenty-two people stealing steel and iron in the factory yesterday and ordered to leave and advised them not to come back because the building could indeed collapse. This is exactly what happened but as it is private property the police can’t be there on guard duty permanently.

As for the discussion forums, readers have opened discussion on the topic of the thieves being Roma men under an article that is on slightly different topic, so the racist remarks because of which the original discussion was cancelled have appeared on the iDNES server anyway…


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