Visa For Czechs: Gone In 2009?

In Politics on July 28, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

I can not employ you because you do not have any experience. – But how can I have some experience when noone wants to employ me? Somebody must be the first one, so that I can start gathering experience, huh? -Sorry, can’t help ya.

That was a typical job interview from the Czech Republic 

I am sorry that we can not cancel the visa program for Czechs but we can not do it to countries whose refusal rate is higher that ten per cent. – Okay, but in order to get under this treshold you must stop refusing people, don’t you? It is simple math. -Sorry, can’t help ya.

That was a typical U.S. embassy interview. Prague, Czech Republic 

In the news lately (CTK), used under the fair-use principle: The Czech Republic might be included in the U.S. visa waiver regime within a year since it will probably meet the conditions on which the two houses of U.S. Congress agreed on Wednesday according to yet unofficial information. Under the new legislation the condition that a state that is included in the visa waiver regime must not cross 3 percent of rejected visa applications over the past three years would not apply in case the number of rejected applications did not cross 10 percent in the previous year.

It is about time. Although two years is a long time. Students and young people who want to go visa-free to the States have to understand that someone must be the first one to go free and somebody has to be the last one to wait in line and crawl on their knees, well, almost, in front of an immigration officer. When the Czech diplomats start work on it now, they might be just about finished in the end of 2008. Right on time to have a fair start. After all, the Schengen accession took a long time, too.

If George W. Bush signs it, the U.S. authorities would be checking for six to 12 months whether the Czech Republic complies with the new conditions.


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