Berlin Big Mac Invasion

In Economy, Life on July 29, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Berliners living in the neighborhood of Kreuzberg protested against a new McDonald’s resaurant. As a person whose most favorite city in Europe is Berlin, although not necessarily Kreuzberg, I must say: what were they thinking? Not the protesters, but the McDonald’s executives? There are enough places all over the city where they could open new places, they could even circumvent the whole neighborhood, but going to Kreuzberg is just not wise. It is kind of like opening all-you-can-eat beef restaurant in the middle of the biggest town in India.

According to AP, the company has hired security guards to watch over the construction site. Will they guard the restaurant as such? What kind of people will go there? Although I can have McRoyal every other day, I think I’ll pass.  There are way better vendor stands all over downtown that sell Leberkaese. Ever had one? Or grilled Wurst? Yummy.


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