Tour de France: Let Them Have Their Drugs

In Law, Life on July 30, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

This year doping scandal during Tour de France was enormous and some competitors were allowed to continue even though there was a strong suspicion they have been involved in doping.

Let’s change the whole system: doping should be allowed in individual sports. If professional or semi-professional athletes are stupid enough to damage their health by doping, then they should be allowed to do so. Let’s assume that EVERYONE in the start list is on drugs. Let’s admit that some people’s surprise when it turns out their test is positive is real. Let’s assume they really don’t know what they eat and what they drink. Let’s assume they are just puppets on a string, well, bike, who will eat and drink everything their coaches will give them to eat and drink.

If someone wants to compete in Tour de France knowing they are clean while the rest of the starting roster is not, then okay. But there will always be someone who has been eating the pills as if they were peanuts. In such case, legalize doping. Let the people kill themselves. Guns are also (semi)legal. So is alcohol. So are cigarettes. People who voluntarily kill themselves in a long process deserve it.


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