Woman Will Get 600,000 For A Tampon In Her Abdomen

In In The News, Law, Life on July 31, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

In 1990 doctors forgot a piece of tampon in a patient’s abdomen. Three years ago they found out. And now the court ruled the woman will get 600,000 in damages. It is relatively good ruling, given that Czech courts are not used to this kind of verdict.

Only a few weeks ago a school was sentenced to pay 15 million to a family whose boy/son is now handicapped because during a school trip he was under water in a pool for eight minutes, as a result of which his brain suffered oxygen defficiency. And since the school and its owner don’t have that kind of money, as soon as they paid it the school had to be shut down… 

Anything was possible back in 1990 because Czech healthcare system was still in relatively bad condition, say the doctors involved in the tampon case. Sure. But at least it should be compensated by huge recompense. Dan Jennings in California got $250M for a scalpel in his abdomen…


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