Worst Czech Website Vote

In Czechs on July 31, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Which Czech website is the worst? Czechs can vote now. Among the nominees are: some personal blogs of some IT specialists whose ego is of the size of Alaska, Czech Meteo Office, PM Mirek Topolanek’s website, a religious group web-zine and also a personal website of a person who is either absolutely and totally retarded (in which case I think he should not write things he writes because it borders criminal offense and he should be watched over by his parent/guardian), or he is mentally okay, just crazy. Which is not the same thing.

If you understand Czech and want to read it, or if you just want to judge the graphics, or if you want to see what some websites in the 2007 Czech Republic look like, follow the link and cast your vote… The two IT guys have been encouraging their friends to send them those anti-votes anyway, so it does not make any sense anyway…every two hours you can send a repeated vote over and over — this is to enable voting from Internet cafes and university Internet rooms where more users are expected at one work station during one day….


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