Leftovers? In This Garbage Can, Please

In In The News, Life on August 1, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Few years from now, people might have much more work when “taking out the garbage”, iDNES news server writes. The Ministry of Environment has a plan — as a par of waste separation and recycling people will have the chance to throw out leftovers (okay, food waste) separately.

As usual, there is some paradox involved: and indeed: if people want to behave ecologically, it is going to be more expensive. Which is something many Czechs won’t be able to accept. Why would we voluntarily do this and that if it has negative impact on our wallets? they will say. 

Biological waste can be used to produce heat, experts say (and my explanation is more than simple). Traditionally this is not a common way to produce heat in the Czech Republic. So it should take some time…the law should come into effect as of 2009.

Some cities have been separating food waste voluntarily, but the new law will set this procedure as mandatory one. Special containers and factories could be financed from EU funds, iDNES writes…


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