Two Visits To A Swimming Pool

In Life on August 4, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

When in Rome do as Romans do…

A sign on the entrance to a public pool in an unnamed American town: Speedo swimsuits not allowed. And indeed, all men had swim trunks/shorts.

A sign on the entrance to the public pool in Olomouc, Czech Republic, the place where I learned to swim: No swimshorts allowed… On August 1, 2007 one of my friends was asked to leave…

Am I mising something? Women are allowed to wear their bikini everywhere… 


2 Responses to “Two Visits To A Swimming Pool”

  1. not so sure about that unnamed town in the USA that says no speedos….if you dont name it, or foto it, it comes off as a “Kal Korff” ……..completely undocumentable.

    Also, would like to ask, I too use wordpress but dont see an add-on for snap shot, where is this from? I Enjoy reading your blog….

  2. Where the heck the town is…at least show me the pic. or the related link of it…This really amazed me to hear…No Speedos in U.S.A.!!!

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