Jozef Zieleniec For President?

In Politics on August 6, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Former Czech Secretary of State Jozef Zieleniec who is now a Member of European Parliament [personal website here] wants to run for president. He is expected to be nominated by his party SNK-ED (Independent Candidates’ Union – European Democrats.

Zieleniec accepted the game that is called “anyone who doesn’t want Vaclav Klaus to win his second term and want to try to defeat him get in line”. According to the current division of power in both Lower and Upper House of the Czech Parliament Klaus has great chances to win again. The vote is scheduled for the beginning of February. All parties know their numbers so they will try to negotiate support for their candidate in other parties. And most parties that do not want Klaus to win again (nothing personal, even, they have their own candidate) will haggle.

If THIS is not the most obvious reason why Czechs need a direct-vote system, then NOTHING is and I guess nothing will ever be. As a voter of this or that party, a voter expects his MP’s to vote for a candidate he wishes to have in the office of the President. End of story. A U.S. GOP member won’t cast their vote for Clinton, either. Same thing here…

One Response to “Jozef Zieleniec For President?”

  1. Good luck with lobbying for a more direct system…makes sense to me, too.

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