Keep-The-Change Rules

In Economy, Life on August 7, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

I have my favorite hairdesser. Primarily she specializes in women’s hairstyles but she has about two dozen male cliens. Last time I was sitting in her chair she told me she sees all of them once a month or less. I try to make it shorter because when my hair gets longer it doesn’t look good anymore. The haircut price is some CZK 100. I tend to pay CZK 125 because I know that she is a little tip-dependant.

Restaurant tipping is quite specific in the Czech Republic. There is no 10-percent rule, like in some countries. Most Czechs tend to round up the final sum. So if the dinner or drink price is CZK 44, normally Czechs give CZK 50. That is the easier part. Sometimes the price would force a guest to give either very small tip, or on the other hand very high tip that does not correspond to the quality of services. I remember several times I gave the waiter a tip in the value of half a drink.

In my life I have been only to two higher-standard Czech restaurants in which the waiter brings the bill on a tray in a tiny folder into which you’d put money. Then the waiter brings all your change (and extra bills) back and whatever the tip is, you’d leave it inside.

In most Czech restaurant the waiter would announce the price of the bill ALOUD and the guest must give him the money directly.

Here comes the tricky part. The waiter gives you the bill and says the price aloud…and now you have about two seconds to decide what the tip is going to be.  


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