Forget Walking Without Stopping In Brno

In People on August 8, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Ceska Street is a 300-meter pedestrian zone in downtown Brno, leading from the main square to a busy intersection where people like to meet in evenings before going to pubs, clubs or movies. During the day it is packed with people. And not just normal people who want to walk from the point A to the point B but also people who are there to stop pedestrians.

Wednesday, June 8, 3:00 p.m.

0 meters: a phone operator agent is trying to convince me to leave the one I have now and to switch to the one he works for. He names at least five reasons to do so. I keep walking very slowly, he follows. I am trying to tell him that I used to be a client of his employer but I switched because I had good reasons…

60 meters:two girls are collecting money for charity purposes. I don’t even stop, waving them off. I already contribute to another NGO. Can’t give money to all of them.

100 meters: Greenpeace! Run for your life. Once you stop with these young people, they will take 10 minutes of your life. They are collecting money for their purposes by trying to convince people to sign a permanent sponsorship agreement, as part of which you would contribute a certain amount every month via a bank transfer. Funny thing is that they would not consult their campaign and programs with you. You give them money because you admire them for taking stand against, let’s say, cutting of trees, but then they chain themselves to a nuclear power plant gate. You don’t approve of that but there is nothing you can do…

150 meters: Czech Stats Office questionnaire girls. 15 minutes. Good thing to let them know you are not interested is to walk around them very visibly.

300 meters: a Roma man standing in the middle of the street, trying to sell perfumes. He is very, very obnoxious. He forces the boxes into people’s hands and if they refuse he takes no for an answer and follows them for about twenty meters. About two months ago I told him “Give me a f*****g break…”


One Response to “Forget Walking Without Stopping In Brno”

  1. Usually all this can be avoided with a “Nemluvim cesky, I’m sorry.”. 🙂 It works for me just fine, because noone will try to comunicate with you in any other language exept cz.

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