The Most Accurate Movie…

In Culture on August 10, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Chasing Liberty is a teen comedy with Mandy Moore. She plays The First Daughter who runs away from the family while in Europe and spends some quality time on a road trip with a guy of her dreams who does not decide to tell her he works for the Secret Service.

This movie is probably the most geographically accurate movie I have seen in a long time. Much of the movie takes place in Prague. At it is really Prague with its bars, clubs, river promenades and cars. And especially main train station and old trains. The only factual error I found is when the couple jumps on a train they think is on its way to Berlin, Germany. One: the ticket inspector would tell them immediately they are on a wrong train, and two: this kind of cars is never use on EuroCity trains that connect Prague and Berlin (or Venice, for that matter, which is their actual destination…). 

Normally 99 percent of American movies suck, when it comes to geographical accuracy of the Czech Republic…


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