Vienna Still Sleeping…

In Photography, Travel on August 10, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka


When I arrive in Vienna after a two-hour bus ride from Brno (leather seats, headsets, coffee and movie in the price of the ticket) much of the city is still asleep. People are on their way to work and Indian newspaper vendors in bright yellow waterproof jackets put out their news stands on bare concrete. Some do have elaborate shelves and racks, though.

I walk pointlessly until nine a.m. which is the time museums and other public places open, including a boutique I was sent to to buy very stylish pants. The city of Vienna really has smrnc. Don’t aske me what it means. It is a Czech word, one of many that do not have a single vowel. The closest translation would say that it has a spark.

Yesterday [Friday, for Saturday readers] I tried to hunt down the young man I mentioned two posts down. No luck. There were other street artists who had a similar idea. One of them was Czech for sure. Given it was a work day, and 10 a.m. something was not right. I took a picture of him, after which he pointed a finger at me saying “forget it” and pointed again – on his tiny cup to which people give him coins… I waved my press ID and said “I am working now. Ich bin hier beruflich…”.  

One of the negative things about Vienna is that its biggest magnets are scattered all over the city and you must plan the sightseeing extremely carefully. If you don’t you end up going from plan point D to plan point E with two subway transfers. But still, better than in Brno. Where you are done sightseeing in two hours.

On the way back to Brno I realized how badly we need the freeway between the two cities. The obstructions are, as usual, on the Czech side. I bet my two-month salary that the Austrians will have their stretch done all the way to the border before the construction workers on the Czech side will have even their asphalt hot…


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