Beware Of Five-Star Hotels

In Economy on August 12, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Triniti Office Center should open in downtown Brno next summer. It should include offices, stores and also a five-star hotel.

Who will award the hotel all those stars? Nobody. Well, its owner. Who says the hotel deserves to be called the best on the five-star scale? Its owner. There is just a hole in the ground that has been filled with concrete and it is known already that the hotel’s indoor pool, Wi-Fi and bathtub in every room will be good enough reasons for five stars.

If you are coming to Brno, or the Czech Republic in general, look for four-star hotels. They will most definitely have everything you need. They are well-established and they know they can not add themselves the last star all of a sudden, while the newly-built hotels will jump for all five from the very beginning. Which also means they will be more expensive.

Besides, this future five-star hotel is located on a spot that will suffer from construction site noise in a near future. The main train station will either be completely rebuilt, or there will be a brand new station just half a mile away. Enjoy your stay and sweet dreams…(which smiley is used for dripping sarcasm?)


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