Brno Police: Two Brainless Skinhead Cops In Action

In Law on August 13, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Last Friday, around 1 a.m. A group of young people, most of them journalists, was heading for a tram stop. They were walking through a pedestrian zone. When they saw an unmarked car (in other words, a totally ordinary one) heading towards them. One of the journalists tried to stop the car and ask the driver what he is doing there, in a pedestrian zone that is restricted to cars without permit.

But when the car stopped, two cops got out. The cops claimed the young man tried to commit suicide which was total bullshit. There were four witnesses who claimed the total opposite. One of them recorded the whole conversation for future reference.

The “self-murderer” tried to explain the whole situation. To which one of the cops said “Okay, if you want to do it the right way…” and handcuffed him!!!

They had his blood alcohol level checked. It was determined that he was not drunk but he still had to spend the night in a police cell. Absolutely for nothing…

According to a legal analysis, part of which was the recording, the police erred. A police officer must warn a person that if they do not refrain from a certain behavior they might be cuffed. Which obviously did not happen.

Not only that, a person must be told on what charge they are cuffed and put into the back seat of the police car.  Which did not happen either.

It is a generally known fact that some cops in Brno have rightist tendencies and they really enjoy the powers they have [see the blockquoted paragraph below]. Some have links to a “gang” that is known for football hooligan violence. The two cops had black vests, shaved heads and combat boots, i.e. the outfit they need during demonstations or other events during which they fight troublemakers. Especially anarchist and leftist groups and organizations warn that there are indeed links between neonazi groups and police.

“During protest meetings we often meet police officers and neonazis who exchange friendly hello’s and laugh together,” an Anti-fascist activist told Brnensky denik daily last year, when a municipal police officer accidently shot dead a friend after playing with a rifle. This friend of his was a gang member.  

I think this is going to get interesting….


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