Plastic Bag Nation To Learn There Is Hemp

In Czechs on August 14, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Some Czech supermarket chains are thinking they would stop using plasic bags that can not be recycled. Instead they would offer their customers a $2 hemp shopping bag that can indeed be recycled and the customers will pay only once for it. Once it is so damaged it can no longer be used, Tesco will exchange it for a brand new one.

Any such attempt to save the Earth deserves a big applause. One of the reasons for the applause is that this kind of recycling activity does not bother people, it is just trying to tell them not to be lazy.

However, there is a small problem with it.

Shopping bags from recyclable materials work much better in countries where the use of the bags is limited to moving them from the cart to the back of the car and then from the back of the car to a kitchen. Czech women [yes, mostly women] shop on the way home from work. The groceries they buy might weigh 10 kilograms. And they have to walk with the bags a few miles.

Many Czechs have to organize their afternoon time due to the fact that between leaving their workplace AND getting on a tram home they have to organize more things. So, a woman who goes home from work must do grocery shopping, buy a pair of gym shoes for her kid and pick up something from drycleaner’s and then, carrying all the stuff she gets on a tram home.

In such lifestyle plastic bags [if you live in the Czech Republic: like the blue ones Albert will give you] will always win. Not to mention smaller bags customers get for free.

Solution? There might be one possibility. The method of shock. The supermarket chains can warn the customers a few days in advance and then they can stop giving the bags altogether. I am sure Czechs have great supplies of those used bags at home, so they might learn to use the same one repeatedly. They just put it in their bags on the way to work and when they bring the groceries home they will fold it to use it next time.

You know the scenes from movies that take place in NYC how the leading character leaves a grocery store carrying a huge paper bag? He walks down the avenue, holding the bag with both hands, he reaches inside and take out ONE SINGLE APPLE? Well, here in the Czech Republic apples must be sold in tiny thin plastic bags with price tags on… So there. 🙂 

Note: As the WordPress spellchecker is down now, the post was not checked for typos. Sorry.

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