Five Artists Face Prosecution For A Fake Mushroom On TV

In Media on August 15, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Two months ago, a fake nuclear explosion scared many viewers of the Czech Television. A group of non-conformist artists named Ztohoven hacked the broadcast of mountain sceneries in which data on temperature and tourist attractions is broadcast: a part of this footage was a fake nuclear explosion – “the mushroom”.

And now, five of them were charged with scaremongering. Spreading false alarm can cost them longer jail sentence because they used mass media.

Well — I don’t think this thing should go to a court. Or, it should be dismissed in the preliminary hearing. TheĀ argument that this was a “nuclear” explosion might very well be overruled if a witness is heard who will say what exactly happens in a nuclear explosion.

In other words: viewers know nothing about a nuclear explosion, so they had no right to assess that this was one. If the prosecutor wants to argue that the defendants wanted to scare people by nuclear explosion, it must be strictly defined what it would have to look like. I know it is playing with words, but such games mostly win a case or send people to jail for life.



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