Smoking Ban: Now Denmark. What About Us?

In Economy on August 15, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Denmark has joined the countries in which smoking in bars, and sometimes other public places is banned. Somebody in Denmark realized that smokers oppress normal people. When are Czechs going to have the comfort of visiting a bar without having to come home with smelly clothes?

There is indeed anti-smoking law in the Czech Republic. It was criticized for being too harsh to smokers. WHAT? The words harsh and smokers do not go together. True, it is forbidden to smoke at bus stops. But on the other hand a bar guest can smoke a cigar while you are eating dinner at the next table.

Czech restaurant owners complained the law would put them out of business. Now, that is “interesting”. It says that they REALLY do not fucking care about health of their non-smoker cusotomers.

Who says a smoker must smoke no matter what? Can’t he or she be without a cigarette for three hours?

Let’s not be mistaken: in some ways it is good that smokers exist: the state budget gets a lot from the cigarette sales tax. And more importantly, many smokers die young so the money they contributed in taxes and pension tax can be saved and they don’t get it back. But on the other hand the risk is similar for those who do not smoke themselves.

The only hope for Czech non-smokers might be EU legislation. Czech lawmakers are too scared to impose a total ban, any law they are going to pass is going to ba a half-done piece of crap. If there was some EU norm, then they would HAVE to pass it here.

And without the lies that is can not be done… it works in more than 20 European countries, WHO reports  [see the link].


2 Responses to “Smoking Ban: Now Denmark. What About Us?”

  1. The question is not who is being oppressed. It involves the choice of an owner to have a smoking establishment or not. I support owners who choose to have smoke free bars, as well as those who let their patrons smoke. Having the government decide seems a bit overreaching in my mind. Plus, it’s all just a bunch of bullshit legislation because the true aim is to just make the Czech Republic look more like the west since they are in the EU. Whatever the EU wants!! Yes sir. Democracy is a bitch isn’t it. Say hello to the radar base whether the people want it or not!! yippie!:)

  2. Good point with the radar. What I mean is if there is something that is known for damaging health of people who have nothing to do with it, it should be controlled. Even EU-controlled. The suggestion is to MAKE the bar owners WANT to have non-smoking customers. There is no way non-smokers would oppress smokers. My NONSMOKING does not bother anyone…
    Whatever the EU “wants” is not quite correct, I think, since all memers are required to adopt some legislation.

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