Paroubek Has Shitted Himself, A News Server Wrote!!

In Politics on August 17, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Czechs who subsribe to SMS news alerts from iHNED news server, operated by Hospodarske noviny daily must have been very surprised on Friday August 18 after they received a message that said: 

Paroubek se posral

which means in a word-by-word translation

Paroubek has shitted himself

Jiri Paroubek is the former Prime Minister. He is now the Chairman of Social Democrats, the strongest opposition party in the Parliament. It was a mistake and the Editor-In-Chief of the on-line version of the daily Daniel Docekal immediately offered his sincere apology. According to his editorial, a team of IT specialists was testing the SMS alert services and two colleagues were showing one another how it works. They typed a random sentence and then it was sent accidentally.

It was both professional and human failure. I would like to apologize to all readers and especially to Mr. Paroubek, Docekal wrote.

Paroubek reacted that surely this was not a mistake.

This could not be an accident. I can not attribute this to human error. I am under constant pressure. Its purpose is to defame the chairman of Social Democrats, whoever it might be. I hope the daily apologizes to the general public, I do not demand any apology, he wrote in a press statement.

There has been an immediate reaction from the Association of Patients that proclaimed its boycott of the daily. Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek sent his reaction to the issue via SMS to news server:

I am not going to comment on anybody’s private mail. If you want to beat a dog, you will always find a stick. It is hard with the media these days: you buy a sieve, and it leaks.  You seal the holes, and it does not work.

Am I the only one who does not understand it??


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