Crowds, Crowds, Crowds Everywhere

In Personal, Travel on August 18, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

I think this is what Mecca feels like then thousands of Muslims come.

Thousands of motorcycle racing fans came to Brno. Its historical center is packed, loud and it smells of gasoline. Three out of five people carry their motorcycle helmet everywhere. You can see team officials walking back and forth, trying to find the best pub. One of them ran to me and put a sticker on my shirt. I am with the media, buddy. Can’t have one of those on my shirt, I said.

Bad thing is that many men like to park their motorbikes anywhere they wish. On a sidewalk, on a handicapped parking reserved space. Anywhere so that they can see it from their pub table. Cops give them parking tickets. Knowing how it works with parking tickets in this country, I can say: they will never pay it.

German, Hungarian, Japanese, Finnish, Polish, British, Croatian, Austrian. All those nationalities can be encountered during a five minute walk. Amazing.

Why can’t this be happening more than once a year?

Now, wait. The pubs are full and you can’t find a good table. I stand corrected… :))


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