Simpsons Bootleg Copy: Gotcha!

In Culture on August 19, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him! the Czech police might say.

They finally caught the person who illegally taped Simpsons: The Movie during the Czech premiere in a movie theater and posted the copy on the Internet. The nineteen year-old man can spend up to five years in prison and according to the Czech Anti-Piracy Union the damages that he will be sued for can be up to ten million crowns. What is the calculation? Well, 100,000 people downloaded the file and the movie ticket costs around 100 crowns (a little over 3 euros). Simple math.

According to news server the police did a search warrant in his house and found all necessary evidence, including the camcorder tape, notebook, the MOVIE TICKET and a BUS TICKET from the bus the boy took on the way to the theater. Jay Leno would love this guy because he loves stupid criminals.

Personally, I don’t quite like the damages-calculator. The Anti-Piracy Union says 100,000 downloads times 100 crowns per ticket equals the total damages. I am positive that the vast majority of people who downloaded the illegal recording would NOT go to see the movie at all. But then again, this is the common-sense calculation, not the malum prohibitum calculation.


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