EU v. Texas v. Death Penalty

In Law on August 23, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

It must have been a little reason for a little celebration for the people of Texas who support death penalty on 100 percent when the 400th person was executed. Johnny Rey Conner was sentenced to death for murder one. The EU sent an official note of protest…

Quite surprising. Many U.S. states (if not most of them, can’t find the stats now…) have death penalty and they use it. But I have never heard of any European Union intervention in a specific case, like it happened this time. The European Union often blames the U.S. for harsh penal code but at the same time it fights (with almost no effect) with juvenile crime that is on the rise. This time the note said that there is no proof that the existence of the death penalty helps fighting crime.

Quite beside the point. The existence of the death penalty does have its meaning, but ONLY in cases where the suspect is found guilty and the evidence is 100-percent clear. Why would a killer have to go to jail for life after he/she murdered somebody?

However, since innocent people go to jail for murder one, there should be special courts in the U.S. for these cases: like no juries, but five judges instead. 

For the first time since Slovakia adopted the new version of penal code, a fourteen year-old is treated as adult in court. No such case in the Czech Republic so far. In the Czech Republic, when a suspect is sent to jail for murder one, the “exceptional sentence” is 25 years. Not much…  

One Response to “EU v. Texas v. Death Penalty”

  1. Actually in the US we are very protective of our right to a jury trial (even if most Americans don’t want to serve on a jury). If your suggestion was taken and a jury was replaced by a panel of 5 judges, it would be viewed by Americans as more likely to result in an unfair verdict and a corrupt judicial system.

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