Shit Happens. One Hour Before Deadline

In Media, Personal on August 27, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

One day in life of a newspaper editor.

At this very moment it is two hours before the absolute deadline when the last page (preferably B&W, not color) must be in the printing plant.

Several bikers collided on the Masaryk Circuit at which MotoGP normally takes place. In between official races amateurs rent it to race on it at their own risk. They collided in the pit lane, one of them is dead.

The boss of all bosses decided a reporter and photographer will be sent there. My first reaction: “Uh-oh”. It will take them about 40 minutes to get there. They might spend 20 minutes on the scene. It will take them 25 minutes to get back. And I will have 30 minutes to make them write ANYTHING, edit it and have the page proofread.

All this instead of having a reporter, who just happens to be still at work, to write a 20-line article from the table.

I think my ulcers are growing….


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