Czech Pornstars Caught Syphilis

In Life on August 29, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Dozens of Czech pornstars caught syphilis during the last three months. The situation is so bad that even the Heath Ministry is involved in the issue, iDNES news server wrote. 

The most probable cause is a fake test from some Prague health clinic that provides HIV and other STD tests for pornstars.

The people who are responsible for this should go to jail for attempted murder! If a porn star knew he or she is not, well, in the proper health condition for such job, he or she knew that anyone they, sorry to say, fuck with, is on a highway to hell.

And if an employer of a sick pornstar found out about it and faked the tests, they did it clearly with the fear of losing huge money. And that should be a multiple attempted murder. In the U.S. they would go to jail for life.

In the expert commission at the Health Ministry is also Czech porn star and producer Robert Rosenberg. A guy whose newborn son was named Forrest. 

Czech STD stats are quite satisfactory so far. There are only five patients per 100,000 citizens. Now with the new scandal this rate skyrocketed.

I would say that this scandal will reveal a lot about Czechs and their sex habits. Doctors fear that this epidemic situation will most likely not remain within the pornstar community. We all have our sphere of sex partners, one expert said…

Sure. Pornstars go to clubs and have anonymous sex with girls. And girls go to clubs and have anonymous sex with guys who don’t bother to say what they do for living. Do irresponsible people deserve what they deserve? Yes, they do.

Pornstar is a legitimate job. It has rules, and it is not illegal. Health tests are a normal thing. Girls who work in bakeries and prepare my croissants have to have health tests of some sort too, and I expect them not to lie about their health. Same thing with I-fuck-for-living.

Who is to blame? Small porn production agencies, Rosenberg says.


8 Responses to “Czech Pornstars Caught Syphilis”

  1. […] pornstars caught syphilis during the last three months,” Petr Bokuvka of The Czech Daily Word reports. Share […]

  2. If you don’t want to catch a STD, do not have sex with someone you are not married to. In my opinion, you get what you deserve. Harsh has it may seem, that is what you get for doing something you should not do. Have you ever heard of people who have only one partner and get a STD. No. Look at the statistics.


  4. […] irony is that when dozens of Czech pornstars caught syphilis a few months ago, Rosenberg criticized them and he spoke openly about some colleagues who fake STD and HIV tests in […]

  5. Czech women pornstars are hot! I’d love to fuck Sylvia Saint… among others!! I love sexy, Czech blondes with incredible bodies!

  6. I love Sylvia.

  7. Along with the testing they need to make condom use mandatory in the industry. It wouldn’t be 100% but it would help.

    Monogamy works best (as pointed out by Kevin), but that’s not realistic for people in this line of work.

    There should definitely be some swift/harsh punishment for the person/people responsible for allowing this to happen.

    I love my porn, so I want my pornstars to remain as healthy as possible.

  8. Have sex as usual, but use a freaking condom, and a good one, we dont want to use one of those that break after 5 minutes on action.

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