Enemy Of The State: A Truck Driver

In Law on September 2, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

When I drove from Olomouc to Brno this morning, I spent about five minutes looking at the rear cargo door of a huge eighteen wheeler in the left lane. There was an identical truck in the right lane. The same car producer, the same cargo company. The same logo. The drivers were not even trying to pass one another.

There should be an absolute ban on heavy traffic from Friday noon till 10 p.m. Sunday. Yes, in what we call perfect world. There are indeed some limitations for 18-wheelers but it is far from enough. Truck drivers cause many accidents – in most cases they fall asleep and the “black box” reveals they did not observe the mandatory rest rule. If there was the mandatory weekend rest rule, they would stop making lame excuses about not being able to rest.

We are forced by our employers to break this rule, truckers say. In other words: we are forced by our employers to break the law as result of which people are dying… Solution: tell the police. The employer will go to jail.


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