Back To School: Brand New Education?

In Life on September 3, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

The Czech Ministry of Education calls it “brand new education program” and “revolution in teaching”.


Yeah, they say, imagine this: instead of pointless memorizing, kids will learn to communicate. They will learn to research, search for information in more than one source. They will learn to process information individually, AND they will learn to work on projects in team of three. Or four.

And that’s not all, the ministry pats itself on the back, kids will learn to present their work in front of others, and they will have to stand behind their performance…

I have two problems with this: first, this is not a revolution, this is Provo High School, 1993. In other words, this approach it absolutely common at U.S. junior high and high schools. Projects, term papers, thesis every week, everything.

And two: I am shocked nobody has come with this “idea” a long time ago. The concept of school as an institution that forces kids to memorize and know stuff for oral exams without any long-term effect has been criticized for ages. I forgot everything I learned about Ernst Hemingway in my Czech high school. At Provo High, we were told to search for similar characters and topics (man vs nature struggle…) in other books and movies…. Much much better… 


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