Computer Goofs Vote

In Media on September 5, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

The Guardian has a very interesting discussion going on on the topic of the worst computer-related goofs in movies. Great stuff there but you must be a strong character otherwise reading it will turn you into the biggest movie-hater ever. It really reveals huge incompetence of movie makers.

What I hate the most about movies are all the almighty programs and software. The good guy breaks in, finds a screen with a single huge command line in the middle. He types something like “search bomb” and he finds all the secret plans of the villain the computer belongs to. For example the German TV series Alam Fuer Cobra 11 is really good and the episodes have interesting plots and twists but there is always this one computer girl. Her job is digging stuff on people. A detective finds a queen of hearts card on the crime scene, he brings it to the office and says: Andea, I need any possible information on the company that makes these cards. And boom, two hours later she has the biography of the owner.  

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