PR Agency Will Promote U.S. Radar

In Politics on September 5, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

The Czech government will hire a public relations agency that will promote the idea of building a U.S. missile defense system in the Brdy Mountains. The agency will get paid a little over 1.5 million crowns.

In a normal country this agency’s job would be to give people as much information so that they can make their decision that is a qualified one. Like, say, before elections.

But there will be no referendum on this matter. The government wants to build the missile base and there is almost nothing that would stop it since the future location is in a military area. So there would be no convincing going on.

The agency will then be hired only to make the government look better. It will try to make people think that having the base here is altogether a good idea. I am almost positive that this is a huge waste of money and I would not be surprised if the PR agency was somehow linked to the government (the I have a friend who has a friend who has a friend approach…). People who WANT the radar here are decided already. And people who do not want it have their own personal reasons that no campaign can change. Like: they live only two miles from the future site.

The most serious problem with this is that the agency will get paid huge money TO DO WHAT THE GOVERNMENT MUST DO IN ORDER TO BE ABLE TO CALL ITSELF GOVERNMENT. Like what? Listen to people, talk to them, explain move and motives. There are hundreds of government officials who keep this whole bureaucracy in motion and if there is a plan to build a missile defence base (radar site), it is the people who are paid from the taxpayers’ money who should talk to people.

It is indeed quite common to hire professionals for such things. But in the Western Europe it is being done on purpose from the very beginning of a project this big. The Czech government did it only after it had found out that people who should do it no matter what are totally incompetent.

Czech politicians are chickens. None of them, or none of the coalition parties now, wants to stand up and promote a clear idea and tell people everything they ask about because it would mean they would have to link their future political careers with it. On the other hand, using a PR firm might make people think that the government is hiding behind this firm, thinking “we are decided already and now you will make up excuses for us”.


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