We Want Obits! We Want Obits!

In Personal on September 6, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

The golden rule in business is Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. I am going to break the rule, hoping that our readers who are 65+ do not read this…

We have a small obits section. Well, more likely a column in which funerals are listed. Just the names and ages. Not full article that would tell the life story of the people, kind of like NYT has. It is there just for information purposes. Example: John Novak, 75. And the name of the funeral home where the funeral ceremony will take place.

Yesterday we did not have it because of a page re-design. Today we have it on a different page.

Between 9 a.m. and now THIRTY people of the age of 65 and over called and asked why we cancelled this section and that if we really did they would cancel their subscription.  Some of them were rude and all of them were grumpy. After the twentieth person called, I wanted to take the next call and yell Why the hell do you care so much about dead people you didn’t even know? Enjoy life!Really. The readers want to read about the deaths and funerals of total strangers. They should learn from my grandmother who is 85 and twice as active as many 65 year-olds.


One Response to “We Want Obits! We Want Obits!”

  1. Don’t you understand? They have to check the Obits to see if they are listed in them. That way they know if they have to get out of bed.

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