The Bachelor And Twenty Czech (What?)

In Czechs, Media on September 9, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Nova TV aired the pilot “episode” of the Czech version of The Bachelor yesterday. A Czech millionaire whose main business activity is golf will choose among twenty Czech girls. The Bachelor is 37, divorced, has one seven year-old son.

Let’s admit: people meet under the strangest circumstances. Couples start dating under strange circumstances. I have a friend who is an ambulance driver and he used to date a girl he drove to hospital.

The idea of The Bachelor [as a reality show] is another one in a long long long list of TV programs that were invented in the States and licensed slash imported to the Czech Republic.

The Idea. A millionaire’s decision to use a TV show to find a girlfriend (future wife) is understandable. If he has the chance, why not take advantage of it. He has nothing to lose and at the end he can say sorry, girls and go away without his trophy. A woman’s decision to go for this TV show and to even consider marrying a man after two months is not normal, though.

The Demands. In the introductory interviews there were some interesting contradicting demands. Only ONE girl said that she thinks she should try everything. I think she is the only one for whom this is a simple dating ritual. The other nineteen girls were taking it much more seriously. And so, one said he should be tall. One said he should have muscles. One said they should be equal in the relationship. This all came from women whose main motive to enter the contest was the man’s account.

I don’t get it. If the fact that the man has millions was enough for the girls to send their application, why would looks matter? If the girls applied thinking Gee, it would be nice to have a millionaire husband who would take me to places I can never get on my own, why is it important that the owner of the yacht is bald and overweight?

The Girls. It might border on hasty generalization but I can’t help it. All the girls [with two exceptions] are the types that generally go for rich guys in the Czech Republic. You can tell by the combination of their age, jobs and things they say about their future. For them, a rich guy is a solution, not one chance out of ten possibilities. It is no surprise that there are no obvious university grads with grade-requiring jobs.

The Guy. Michal is the type who knows what he wants. He does have the money and he looks like he does know how to use it wisely. Nevertheless, it is a deal or no deal situation here. The girls are asked what they can bring into the relationship. So once they mention it, they will have to keep “the promise”. And they know beforehand what Michal can offer in exchange. Money. So the WHOLE thing is directed by him. Which brings us to the…

The TV Hipocrisy. TV Nova presents this show as romantic, soap opera-like program. There is nothing romantic about it, really. The approach to it should be as raw and reality show-like as in the case of Big Brother or Survivor.

The Big Lie. After two months, there is the Big Proposal. There might be the yes/no question. I think the yes/no question that should be asked in the second half of the series should be Would you be interested in this guy even if he did not have the money? The Czech Republic is far to small and our millionaire surely IS a millionaire but there was a reality show in the States in which it was revealed in the end that the so-called millionare is a regular Joe. I am positive none of the twenty Czech girls would reply yes.

The Name Of The Article. Originally there was the word whores. To a certain extent, they all are. This is the only reality show in which the characters of the contestants are revealed BEFORE the show. On the second thought, I think it will need another two episodes to confirm that the word truly belongs there.

.:UPDATE:. Look at the girls. What do you say? There is only one that I would say is pretty…

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3 Responses to “The Bachelor And Twenty Czech (What?)”

  1. A guy asks a girl, “Would you have sex with me for a million dollars?”. The girl says yes. Then the guy asks, “Would you do it for ten dollars?”. She says, “What do you think I am?”. He says, “We’ve already established that, now we’re just negotiating the price.”.

  2. That is the exact desription of the concept, Boo

  3. Heheheee! Good one, Boo!

    Petr, I think Slavka is kind of cute. Barbara is a bit scary. Not a great pool to choose from, but it’s a lousy show anyway.

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