Top Six Things George Bush Could Say

In Czechs on September 10, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Top Six Things George Bush Could Say If He Came To Prague Today

6. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Osama was hiding in one of them mountains of German waste you have here.

5. If you approve the U.S. radar site, I will force the New York Rangers to move to Prague, Nebraska.

4. I like how your PM says he is a man with balls. That’s the spirit we need. Condoleeza has never said it.

3. Don’t tell my daughters that Prague kids can get drunk in pubs when they are fifteen.

2. As of January 1, Czech visa applicants will ONLY have to bring grandma’s cake to the consulate officer.

1. I have ordered 5,000 troops to be relocated from Iraq to Prague to protect our tourists from Czech cab drivers.

Disclaimer: The Top TEN Lists are an artist trademark of David Letterman and The Late Show…


2 Responses to “Top Six Things George Bush Could Say”

  1. Na jaký mail Vám můžu napsat?

  2. Pane Veselý, zkuste petr tecka bokuvka zavinac denik tecka cz

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