Nine Eleven

In Culture, Life, Politics on September 11, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

As a person who studied theories of language and speech, I happen to know that huge events in a country’s history tend to shake up the language’s vocabulary. New words, idioms, sayings or lexical units appear.

For a Czech speaking person, if one says “It happened after 11th of September”, every person who is fluent in Czech will know a specific date is discussed – September 11, 2001. An English speaking person will just say “Nothing is the same since Nine Eleven”. Or in a written communication you [native English speakers] would just write 9/11.

A six year-old son of a good friend of mine [ehm] is exceptionally bright. Since he has had some basic English in kindergarten and since he watches cop shows he wanted to know how Americans can tell the difference between 9/11 and 911. My friend tried to be a perfect mother for about two seconds and then she asked me to provide the explanation.

I am glad no kid has asked me another thing: how come that everytime something happens in the United States or the United Kingdom [to a smaller degree] that involved explosion or a similar event, it is considered a possible terrorist attack until it is proved otherwise? In other words: We really think it was a terrorist attack and we will stick to it until we are proved wrong. In the rest of the world, authorities say We don’t know what it is, and until we are proved otherwise, we maintain it was NOT a terrorist attack.

I think the terrorists are winning this part…

3 Responses to “Nine Eleven”

  1. I have found your site interesting and intend to mention it on my site, including this post and “the six things Bush could say”.

  2. I should have got back to you sooner on this, I am sorry, it was remiss of me. The post is up and you can check it at Real World Libertarian.

    Please let me know if there is anything that you object to.

  3. They are winning, Petr, they are. And time may be running out to stop them. *sigh*

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