No Communist Will Run For President

In Politics on September 14, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Somebody might replace Vaclav Klaus in the office of the President next year. All parties are pushing their candidates. All parliamentary parties – but one.

Communists are not going to nominate anybody, news server notes.

Of course. The communits did their math. They know beforehand that no candidate of theirs would have the chance to win. WIN means convince a certain majority of MP’s. Czech Republic is still in the middle ages when it comes to politics. We do not have direct vote of the president.

Instead, the MP’s for the communist party will haggle. They are going to want something in exchange for the support of another party’s candidate. It is kind of like the marathon race. An outsider is hired to pull the crowd and set the pace. Halfway through the race he gives up but thanks to him somebody else will win.

So all democratic parliamentary parties that normally do not speak with the communits much will have to accept the fact that “their” president became president thanks to a communist vote.

If this is not the reason why there should be a direct people’s vote, then I don’t know what is. 

Among the candidates whose names have been known are Chairman of the Academy of Sciences Vaclav Paces, former Secy. of State Jiri Dienstbier, economist Jan Svejnar or Deputy Speaker of the Senate Petr Pithart. 


2 Responses to “No Communist Will Run For President”

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  2. Direct election would certainly be more democratic, but it wouldn’t be much of a solution to the problem (if it is a problem) of Communist influence in Czech politics – Communist voters would just have a influence in electing the president, rather than an indirect one. Politicians would have to take that into account campaigning for votes. Communist voters are probably less flexible and pragmatic than than Communist deputies and would certainly not vote en bloc for a candidate of the right or centre like Klaus. Direct elections would also allow well known maverick independents a chance to get into office, as now sometimes happens with some elections to the Czech Senate …

    Basically, what you are suggesting would probably put Milos Zeman in Prague Castle…

    Still, at least you would end with a head of state with some kind of international profile rather than some worthy non-entity…

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