Lousy Czech Filmmakers And Taxpayer’s Money

In Culture, Law on September 15, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

The police have charged the man who posted a DVD-rip of the Czech movie Vratne lahve (Refundable Bottles) on the Internet. The suspect faces charges related to copyright infringement. He has NOT been sent to custody cell, though. The distribution company is also considering they would sue him for damages.

There is a huge typically-Czech problem here. The movie was made with taxpayer’s money. In other words, director Jan Sverak got over four million Czech crowns from Czech Cinematography Support Fund that is maintained by the Culture Ministry.

Czechs thus helped Sverak make his movie that would make him a lot of money. Truth, the state will not lose here because Sverak is required to pay back some portion of the income [from movie tickets], but still. Had it not been for the taxpayer’s money, the movie would not be created. And Sverak would be sort of (!!!) unemployed…

As such, the movie should be considered public domain and Sverak should not claim authorship and copyright rights to it 100-percent. I know the law says otherwise. SO— the law should be changed and it should not apply to art creations that are made with public money….


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