Brno Population, Now Plus 70,000

In Education & Science on September 17, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

There are seven universities or colleges in Brno. And the fall semester starts today. Yeah, as of today there are officially almost 70,000 new inhabitants here. I could say 70,000 but of course many of them are locals.

Trams will be crowded, my favorite pubs will be full and it will be hard to get some sleep on Friday because Friday is the TGIF night in almost every country in the world, the Czech Republic being one of them. I live about 50 ft. from a bus stop that is used by night lines. Students like to gather here long before the bus arrives. And they yell, and they sing, and they do not let me sleep.

But hey, at least they give the city some atmosphere.

Too bad there is almost zero tradition of university campus life in the Czech Republic. Most university buildings are scattered all over the city. No such thing as campus with all necessary buildings grouped together with green grass areas in the middle where young people spend their lunch (and other) breaks, reading and studying…


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