Footballer’s Tripple Attack

In Sports on September 18, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Sparta Praha captain Tomas Repka is the bad boy of Czech (or European) football. At the end of the last Czech league match between Sparta Praha and FK Teplice he attacked the referee, spitted on a league official and on the way under the showers after he had been given the red card he punched a TV cameraman.

Another Sparta Praha player who had been already benched jumped out and was acting like crazy, too. Two other players had to hold him back…

All this because of the fact that the referee did not see a player of the opposing team touch the ball with his hand. Sparta Praha was losing 2:1 at that time which was also the final score.

Tomas Repka is crazy, no question about it. After what he showed in the field he should be suspended for life. Or for standard two years, which is basically the same. 

He was fined CZK 150,000 for his little big stunt. So was the second player. A disciplinary commitee should meet on Thursday that should decide what penalty will be given to them in addition to that of the club itself…

Note: Spelling was not checked on this post, apologies for typos…


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