Let’s Drop International Women’s Day, Senator Says

In Culture on September 19, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Member of the Czech Senate Martin Mejstrik (ind.) suggests that the International Women’s Days be cancelled from the list of memorable Czech days and holidays. He wants to replace it with Mothers’ Day which is now purely unofficial memorable day and is not mentioned in applicable laws.

The Internatinal Women’s Day was abused by the former communist regime that used it to celebrate itself but at the same time the regime prosecuted thousands of women whose husbands and relatives were against the regime, or who themselves were against it, the senator says.

Sure. Why not. But this memorable day will still be misused and abused in a certain way. How and by whom? For example by men who will think that this is the only day on which they should bring flowers and/or candy to their wives and whose attitude for the rest of the year is give-me-a-break-with-flowers and it-should-be-enough-that-i-make-money.

I know a few…

In addition to this proposal the senators want to rename Labor Day (May 1) to Spring and Labor Day.

Since when do European nations celebrate four seasons? What are we, 18th century Indians? 

One Response to “Let’s Drop International Women’s Day, Senator Says”

  1. So you prefer to name it Labor Day? For me May 1st is connected with spring rather than with work. But anyway this is not a big deal, let’s call it Love Day if our senators wish 🙂

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