Ridiculous Penalty For A Crazy Footballer

In Sports on September 21, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Sparta Prague defender Tomas Repka was a subject of Czech Football League disciplinary committee meeting, as a result of which he was handed a seven match ban and stripped of his captaincy for fifteen months. Why? Because of his violent reaction after being red-carded during a recent league game.

The former West Ham player attacked a Czech Television cameraman as he was leaving the field. Shortly before he yelled obscenities at an official and the ref, too.

Seven-month penalty is ridiculous. Repka is violent and his behavior has no place in professional football. He can behave like that in a fifth-league village match after which he can fist fight with an opposing team player who might be his next door neighbor. If he wants to be paid for playing football, the words fuck and cunt that he used in the nervous breakdown exchange should remain in his head.

The club already fined Repka and fellow player Abraham (who was behaving in a similar manner) 150,000 koruna each.


Note: Agence France Presse information was used in this article, taken from


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