Football Stadium Racism. Again.

In Sports on September 23, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Hey, you, Gypsy is said to be “the most polite” form of verbal attack against one of the players that took place during a third league football match in Central Bohemia district during the weekend. The home team was fined but the amount was not revealed.

Czech football attracts herds of idiots whose only favorite activity during a football match (and to be exact: before and after, too) is violence. Both verbal and physical.

On Friday the Deputy Police Commissioner said the police are considering the withdrawal of their forces from football arenas because it is terribly expensive and the police officers should protect and serve elsewhere.

On one hand, good idea. Football clubs should pay and train private security. On the other hand, I can’t imagine what this would do with the fans of Banik Ostrava football club. Many fans of Banik are violent fuck-ups with no brains who get drunk before they even get to the stadium, they are widely known for destroying trains and pubs. Sociologists in the Czech Republic said and wrote thousands of words about the herd mentality issue. Personally I would support any approach against the most violent Banik fans with the exception of guns…

Because what starts as an anonymous yell from the crowd at a third league match ends as a crime against private property after a Banik game.


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