Winner Of “The Bachelor” Revealed

In Czechs on September 26, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

Tabloid newspaper Sip (The Arrow) claims to have revealed the identity of the girl who “won” the reality show The Bachelor (Vem si me). A small wedding ceremony is said to have taken place in the girl’s home town.

What do you know– that is the best thing that could happen. The happy ending of a stupid reality show was revealed by a spoiler article weeks before the final episode is aired. That is what you get for taping such shows in advance and then broadcasting the episode weeks later.

Rumor has it (and in case of such tabloid topics the rumor is a huge one) that the leading character is not at all a millionaire. But he will be one after the show is over, no matter what the result is, because he should get some 1.5 million salary.

Excellent sociology experiment. After five weeks or so the girls should be asked “Would you like this man even if he did not have the money?” (assuming that he IS indeed a millionaire). I bet some of the girls would say no. And it is more than obvious even now that some wouldn’t.

From now on, all these girls deserve any guy they date. If they were willing to take part in such ridiculous matchmaking rodeo in which cows get killed one by one, hoping they would survive until the very end, then be it: if their next boyfriend is the most violent monster who beats them on a daily basis, it’s their choice again. The above comment comes from a man who would suggest life sentence for men who are found guilty of domestic violence against their wives…


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