Developing Story: Soldiers Tortured Their Colleague

In Law on September 27, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

I am so fucking pissed.

Professional soldiers from special chemical warfare unit from Liberec tortured their colleague. They held him tight on a bench and sprayed him with water. And there was some punching, too.

The Code Red behavior was taped and you can see the recording (let’s hope the multimedia player works).

The police saw the video but the result of the investigation is shocking: it is not enough for the soldiers to be charged with a felony behavior for which they can spend some time in jail. According to police investigation it is ONLY misdemeanor for which the violent soldiers can only pay a fine in the amount of 50,000 Czech crowns.

Wow. So in the Czech Republic you can violently attack a person, a fellow soldier even, and you won’t go to jail even in case you are taped while doing so.

One week after this incident the soldier was once again attacked by the soldier who was “in charge” of the spraying, as a result of which the victim spent over two weeks on sick leave. Again, misdemeanor.

UPDATE ON FRIDAY SEPT 28!!!! If you can read Czech, read the discussion forum underneath the article that discovered this. The soldiers from the chemical warfare unit argue there! They even exchange vulgar comments about one another and their commanding officers. Tough stuff. If THIS is one of the most expert units in Czech Army….

UPDATE ON SATURDAY SEPT 29!!!! Two of the soldiers involved in the torture are leaving the Army on their own. One of them is a female soldier. Not only that, the military police have changed the “qualification” of the incident which is now being investigated as a felony.


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