Four Kids Killed In A Crash

In Czechs on September 28, 2007 by Petr Bokuvka

It is high time Czech parents adopted a new advice approach to their teenage kids.

Aside from use a condom and don’t do drugs, the kids should now be ordered not to accept I-will-give-you-a-ride-home offers. In the Czech Republic having a car at the age of 18-20 still means “certain social status” and, let’s admit it, sixteen year-old chicks dig it when you are twenty and have a car.

FOUR people were killed and two were injured in an accident last night. The car crashed into two trees and practically fell apart. All the passengers were 15 to18 years old [the legal age for driving a car is 18]. The kids were probably returning home from a club, as Friday September 28 is a no-school national holiday.

FOUR plus TWO is SIX. SIX people in a car that only FIVE people can get into.

It is a deadly combination: at the age of seventeen you can get drunk [well, legally you CAN’T but kids do it] but if you miss your curfew you can’t get home. So the kids accept a ride home from a person who does have a car and wants to impress chicks. He drives fast and he kills three other people.

Details and further comments to come…


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